How to Delete OS X Installer Packages

Document By: Chris Roberts

In the past there was not a GUI OS X Package Deleter. Now there is OSXPM The OS X Package Manager The Cocoa native OS X application is the result of a OSXGNU.ORG project announced Nov 8 2001.

Deleting Packages with OSXPM
OSXPM Application and Source Code:

Version: v1.0.01
  1. Launch OSXPM.
  2. Click the Delete Package tab.
  3. Select a package to delete from the Available Packages list.
  4. Click The Delete Selected button.
  5. Enter your System Admin Password.
  6. The package will delete (if it is not a System package).
  7. The result of the Delete operation will be shown in the Delete Progress Messages window.

This part of this page discusses the use of the pkgInstaller script part of the OSXGNU Package Tools

The Package System for OS X consists of two GUI tools and many Shell scripts
The GUI Tools:

The Shell Tools:

The Shell script pkgInstall uses the shell tools to Install or un-Install OS X Packages.

How to Un-Install a Package using pkgInstall and the Finder.
  1. You must do this procedure as a system admin or Root
  2. Install the OSXGNU Package Tools
  3. Open a terminal and type "sudo pkgInstall --delete " if as a admin or type "pkgInstall --delete " the space after --delete is required. DO NOT Press return yet!
  4. Open the /Library/Receipts Directory in the finder.
  5. Select a package to delete and drag it to the terminal window you typed the command in.
  6. You should have a line in the terminal something like "pkgInstall --delete /Library/Receipts/OSXGNUPKGTOOLS-01.pkg"..
  7. Press Return and the delete process begins if the package has a delete message you may have to respond to a yes or no question.
  8. Repete for any other package(s) you want to delete.

This simple and Powerful tool was written by Yves Arrouye.