Mirroring Instructions for OSXGNU.ORG

To Mirror this site You must have a Fixed IP.
Requirements to Mirror:

  1. A Minimum 1GB of space for the Mirror (1.5 GB suggested).
  2. Ability to Mirror the site Via ftp.
  3. A Pipe of at least 256K.
The steps to Mirror OSXGNU.ORG:
  1. Email mirror@osxgnu.org with the URL of the machine You wish to use as the mirror.
  2. You will be given the machine name and USer and Password for priority mirroring in a return Email.
  3. You will set up the Mirror as instructed in a Email.
  4. You will Email mirror@osxgnu.org stating the mirror is ready and the exact URL to the FTP site and the Mirror location (country city).
  5. The links for the Mirror will be activated in 24 Hours and your mirror will be up!